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    9.02.12 WHITE PAPERS: Marie Lathrop Orthodontic Site Launch

    The existing site was several years old and no longer an effective business tool to attract new patients and keep current patients up-to-date within the office and clinic events. In addition, it didn’t readily reflect the personality of the people that worked there, nor their long standing involvement in the community. Marie approached Vaya with the task of re-designing her site. Since she had a long standing relationship with the company that created the original design and build, and happens to be their primary host, the challenge there was to integrate the new design with the developers to ensure there would be a seamless work flow between everyone involved.

    Here’s what we had to compete with.

    Focus on designing a CMS based site that was more reflective of Marie’s clinic as a whole and give her the freedom to make both content and image updates at will in order to keep it fresh and current. First, we reached out to the company that would develop the functionality and establish our own relationship along with specs, expectations and deliverables. Second, focus on a fun and inviting look and feel. We pulled a palette from the interior wall color to the “swirly swirls” in the waiting room chair fabric. Since their current site used only stock photography, we decided to do something a little different and set up a 2 day photo shoot that showed staff in action with actual patients willing to be part of our overall vision.

    As time goes on, and kids grow up and move on, the client than can easily replace older images with new patients or staff that will inevitably pass through their doors. Below is the final result of all our efforts.

    The site launched August 1, 2012. Check back in 6 months to find out how it has impacted the clinic.

    6 months